The Right Eye Shadow: Getting The Feel for Texture

The Right Eye Shadow: Getting The Feel for Texture, Its is very hard When it comes to choosing eye shadow, many people focus on color first, but shadows also differ from one another in texture. Understanding the many textures available out there can aid you in creating exciting looks, whether you want bold and dramatic, and natural look or a creation that is entirely your own.Texture describes the appearance of the Right eye shadow.

Here I list down some details about the texture for eye shadows, including a breakdown of my favorite formulas and some hints on how they can work for you.

Sparkle Shadows
Sparkle eye shadow is a texture that contains small particles to reflect the light. This type of shadows are perfect to add color, and depth to the eyes and can be worn by itself in an everyday beauty routine or as a complementary addition with other textures to manipulate shape and size.

Metallic Shadows
Metallic finish is exactly what it sounds like.Metallic shadows are ideal on the lid for a natural look because the warmer-colored metals can bring out skin tone. They are also fantastic as a liner, adding to the sensual effect that makes eyes softer.

Sheen Shadows

The effect of sheen shadows can almost appear wet or dewy. And unlike frosted shadows, sheen finishes can look fashion forward, warm and modern. This product is ideal on the lid from crease to lash and works well for all eye shapes, except for protruding eyes.

Shimmer Shadows

The lightest shimmer shades work extremely well for highlighting recessed areas of the eyelid. The darker shimmers work great for adding drama without being as harsh as the dark matte shades.

Matte Shadows

Matte shadows have no shine, so they are ideal for providing structure and contour. Since it does not reflect light, the flat texture is great for shaping, defining, and producing a shaded effect. A matte shadow is also the best choice to use as a base



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