Want to Prominent Eyelid? Try a Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look

Want to Prominent Eyelid? Try a Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look, But Before starting this eye makeup look, take heed Because this is the easiest cut crease ever, but also warns the look may take a few tries if you’ve never attempted it.

As quotation says:
Patience is a key element of success ” – Bill Gates

I decided to start off the year with a cut crease look. I’ve seen it a few times on several social media. So, i really wanted to share all the information i gather through this platform. I do a lot of special effects to bring the best for you all because it’s always a nice change to do beauty looks.

You’ll find hundreds of tutorials Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look.Just as the name describes, it’s a technique used to define the crease by “cutting” across it with a contrasting eye shadow color and little to no blending.”If done right, a cut crease will change your makeup game if you have a medium to heavy fold. It lifts your eyes and makes them appear more open.

Cut Crease Eye Makeup
Cut Crease Eye Makeup

To achieve the best  Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look. The simplest way is to keep your eyes open when placing your cut crease. Finish off the eyes with a single coat of Volumizing Mascara on the upper and lower lashes. If you’re enjoying a day in the hot, summer sun, try this instead for melt proof makeup

It was such a refreshing and playful look compared with the usual no-makeup makeup looks.Whenever you feel overwhelming,then you need to add more color to your makeup routine specifically, with my eye makeup. As someone who is way more into eye makeup than lipstick, they need not to wonder and must need to try this one, sooner.

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