12 Technology Predictions That Will Change Our World

//12 Technology Predictions That Will Change Our World

12 Technology Predictions That Will Change Our World

Technological Advances:

1) The Power Grid

The End of The 19th Century

By 2020 technology, one of the biggest changes we will see (or at least make substantial progress) is global electrification. In the United States and Europe, most people think that electricity is a matter of course. But in many parts of Latin America, Africa, and Asia is not the case. More than 1.3 billion people are still not connected to the grid. More than 1.5 billion of the people still can not use the lights: they use the lamp, which is a security risk. Even if the grid is present, it is fragile: power outages are the main problem in many big cities. Power theft also plagued Brazil, India and South Africa. Safe and reliable power will have an impact on these countries. Not only will there be recent benefits, such as increased productivity, but we will see educational achievements, health care and quality of life have long-term leapfrog development. These communities do not have power now because our 19th-century power grid is too expensive. The emergence of new Technology is changing the business model and use case scenarios, making it possible. Over the years, the world will eventually be wired.

2) The End of Scarcity

The world says that man is not going to fly. Hundreds of years of the human invention have been unable to make it play a role. But in a small bike repair shop, there is no government funding and only basic education of the two brothers have a vision, consciously invented. In 1903, due to the determination of the two uninformed investors, human flight. The first man’s flight was 120 feet away, and a few years later, one of the inventors of the break would be amazed that the wings of modern planes were longer than their first plane. The potential of technology only our imagination and our will be limited. Rich water, food, clean air … peace: the end of the supply shortage for our basic needs is possible. Perhaps less than 2020, but from the beginning of the dream, the dream of the decision to become reality, and the understanding of this truth, so reflected in the invention and the rapid evolution of human flight: everything is possible. Technews.

3)Less Fancy Phone, More to Achieve


Many of us live in an exciting world of changing speed. Innovation is generating new gadgets, more convenient services, and more opportunities. However, many of these changes are a small part of the global population. In the village where I work, no one has ever seen an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or can download an application. However, entrepreneurs have enough space to adapt to the wealthy people in the world’s poor innovation. The aim of selling rich solar panels and LED lights are stimulating the growth of commercial off-grid electrification in India and Africa. Mobile telecommunications is being used to promote financing for developing countries around the world. An expensive medical procedure can be done very cheaply. Even if the financial sector is innovating to reach the world’s poor; and investors seeking opportunities can not only help them increase their net worth, but also improve the world. Better financing opportunities are open to social entrepreneurs who build businesses and provide profitable services to the poor. I see innovation with a slight but significant shift, not the production of enthusiasts, and we will create more lives for the people that have been neglected so far. technology current events.

“When the number of factors coming into play in a phenomenological complex is too large scientific method in most cases fails. One need only think of the weather, in which case the prediction even for a few days ahead is impossible.”
― Albert Einstein

4) Cheaper, More Extensive Solar Power Generation

The Near Future Technology

By 2020, solar technology can account for a large part of the global electricity generation, helping the economy and businesses to prevent rising energy costs and the impact of climate change. However, looking for opportunities to further reduce the cost of solar technology will be the key to unlocking this potential. Since the main raw material polysilicon used by solar module manufacturers is the most costly cost in the solar energy supply chain, cost reduction is the most important opportunity. In the next few years, the new low-cost polysilicon production methods will be commercialized, providing more affordable raw materials for the solar industry. In turn, these cost improvements will flow down throughout the solar supply chain, accelerate the adoption of solar energy around the world, and help the industry realize its global potential. tech news.

5) Things Are No Longer Things

Almost every business will become an Internet of Things (IoT) business. The integration of the digital and physical world makes this unavoidable. When the production company sales connection 24/7/365, in the product throughout the lifecycle, customers can provide the dynamic and continuous improvement of value. This will become normal. Therefore, the successful start of the Internet of Things business needs to fundamentally change from a product-centric to a service-centric business model. Companies seeking to use the Internet of Things will become the Internet of Things business. As business value moves from product to experience the experience, the operation that relies on one-time product sales will become obsolete. This change will fundamentally change the way companies operate, interact with customers, make money. Those who recognize things are not about things but people about the service will be positioned to meet these new customer needs, unlock new sources of income and thrive in this connected world. Tech sites.

6) New Tech Treatments From Bacteria Live In The Human Body

In the field of life sciences, we will have a better understanding of the microbiological organization – the effects of microbes (including bacteria) in the human body that affect multiple systems of our body, including our immune system, metabolic processes, and other fields. This will lead to important findings related to various conditions, including autoimmune diseases, premature infants and how our metabolism is regulated. Proliferative medical methods that produce new tissues and organs from progenitor cells will be significantly expanded. Finally, the long-awaited ability to use precision medicine to provide specific treatment for specific patients will become more common. technological advances.

7) The Beginning Of The End For Cancer

The emergence of a real-time diagnosis of complex diseases will mark the beginning of a weakening rule by 2020. Real-time monitoring of the ability of cancer, the dynamic immune system, intestinal flora, and pre-diabetes will change its nature and create a new era of human health, health protection, and treatment of the disease. As a result, a fundamental shift in health care will occur, leading to most of its prevention, rather than fire. After the fire, first to prevent the occurrence of fire, rather than rebuild the fire, so the efficiency and economy are much higher.

Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone. __ Steven Spielberg

8) Data-Driven Health Care

The amount of data available in the world is exponential, and the analysis of large data sets (so-called large data) is becoming the key to market analysis and competition. Google Analytics will shift from reporting to forecasting and normative practices, greatly improving the ability of healthcare providers to help get sick and hurt. More importantly, it will create the real possibility of personalized health care by allowing suppliers to influence the health of the greatest determinants, including behavioral, genetic and environmental factors.

9) Technology Can Print Organs

Tech News

Today, we are already at the turning point in the ability of “bio-printed” 3D organ tissues, which involves “bio-inks” that are deposited by layers of cells precisely, using active human tissue in the laboratory. In many cases, these organizations should better predict drug function than animal models. In the long run, it is possible to pave the way for “printing” human organs such as kidneys, liver, and heart. By 2020, our goal is to enable the technology to be widely used by pharmaceutical companies to identify safer, better candidate drugs and reduce clinical trial failures.

10) “Everywhere The Internet Technology”

IT News

We are on the edge of the “ubiquitous internet“. It will be more democratic, everyone can get the poor. The excitement of the Internet will be a small footnote in history, and the Internet that is everywhere is our reality. Do you remember Tom Cruise’s old movieMinority Report“? Ultra-low-cost Internet-enabled solar screen with high-resolution TV resolution display will be in the bus station, shopping center, restaurant table, all using centralized advertising mode. The days of still acetic acid posters on the walls of the shopping center have passed. Finally, since these HD monitors have beacons, so when your phone passes, they will dynamically change the content and tell the monitor all your preferences.  IT News.


11) Learning Work Will Never Stop

The skill gap is actually an information gap. The problem is not that the worker is not proficient; it is the worker who does not know what skills the employer needs. Technology has undermined the existing work and created new jobs that never existed before. In fact, the top ten jobs in 2010 did not even appear in 2004. Changes are taking place quickly, and today the United States 65% of the grade students will end in the work has not yet invented.

How can our educational institutions keep up? There is a disagreement between educational institutions and employers today.

In the future, however, technology will enable education and training to react dynamically to real-time labor market changes. Through extensive online and online training and extensive access to courses, staff can inform the skills at work and update them regularly to keep them relevant in the workforce.

12) Wastewater Is An Asset, Not A Responsibility

Water is one of our most valuable resources, but our infrastructure is failing. Driven by global population growth and water scarcity, the United Nations reported that 75 percent of the world’s fresh water has been contaminated. Inadequate water resources management has exacerbated this problem and has had a serious impact on human health and the environment. A key challenge for current wastewater treatment and management systems is high capital costs and high energy demand.

By 2020, I predict that we will begin to change the way we manage water on a global scale as a result of our distributed systems that use biotechnology to extract resources such as energy, waste and industrial automation costs. Wastewater will be seen as an environmental resource for the provision of energy and clean water for communities and industries, rather than taking responsibility and taking a truly sustainable and economical way to manage water resources.

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