upload Maximum Size File in WordPress.

Nowadays most of the websites are installed in WordPress platform.But there is a major issue in WordPress that we can not upload maximum size file in WordPress.we can not upload more than a 2mb file in it.But there are many themes and important plugins we need to add into our WordPress website larger in file size.There is a solution to upload larger files in WordPress I am going to explain.

There are several methods to do that the most simple and easy method is that I am going to explain you.First of all, you need your hosting login information/Cpanel login username and password.when you are logged in to your hosting Cpanel then go to file manager or you can search it by pressing control with F ctrl+f  then type file manager then you will find it.

Open file manager then you will see different files listed like logs, mail, public HTML and SSL etc.you can upload maximum file size that way.Then you go to public HTML folder you will see all your data on your website like wp-admin,wp-contents etc. Go to wp-contents and you will see listed files like the plugin, themes etc like that.

If you want to upload a plugin then just go to the plugins folder or if you want to upload theme then go to the themes folder.The procedure is same in both cases.Let’s move on uploading a theme.Open themes folder and you will see all the themes listed which are installed on your website if you want to delete a previous theme you can delete that theme.Then take your maximum size file theme in a compressed zip file which you are going to upload in your website.upload it in themes folder makes sure your theme is not previously present in that folder otherwise it will give you an error.then upload your theme when it gets uploaded just extract it here when you extract your file then you can delete the zip file and then go back to your WordPress CMS you will see your theme has been uploaded there you can activate it and enjoy your desired theme.



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